Dayan McCormick, LMT
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It's Your Body, Let Me Shape It

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In-House Massages are Available

I do provide Office (In-House) massages. 

To view my availability and to book online visit There's lots of LMTs there but another option if you want to see me.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Please Be Advised

All Out-Call bookings will come over as a "Request" & nothing charged until I call you to confirm.

I bring the In-Office service to you. So moist hot towels are included for ALL Out-Calls.

Thank You and please stay safe.

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My Story

At DayansBalance I practice what I preach.

I regularly participate in activities such as yoga, cycling, running, weight lifting, and regular massage therapy treatments to ensure that I understand the mechanisms of the body from the perspective of the client as well as the therapist.  I provide service for all genders and I aim to help you RELAX! 

So to the men, yes you are welcome to book with me. 

Confidentiality is 100% guaranteed to all my clients. Meaning, I'm not taking a photo of your establishment for my social media feed.

My clients are drawn to therapeutic massage for a multitude of reasons.

Some seek relief of muscular aches and pains; many are in need of relaxation and quieting of the mind; others are searching for a way to maintain a natural life balance.  

You'll receive whatever you're seeking in one name...DayansBalance.

Jumpstart Your Health

Therapeutic Massage Therapy



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Contact Me

You’re on your way to a more fit, healthy, and relaxed you. Get in touch and book today.

Health is Wealth!

** For those that are self-conscious of their bodies, please don't let that stop you from massage! I don't care how you look, I do however care about how you feel. Relaxation of the mind & body is key, not how your body looks naked!

P.O. Box 27041

Saint Louis, MO 63118

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